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Verified by Visa

What is Verified by VISA?
Verified by VISA is a secure password used for making purchases online, to verify that the legitimate cardholder is authorizing the charge.

It is highly recommended that you register with Verified by VISA, to ensure your card is not used online without your approval. 

How does it work?
When you checkout at an online store, you will be prompted to enter your established Verified by VISA password as part of the overall checkout process. You will view the Alternatives logo during each checkout, as well as the security phrase you entered at registration, assuring your transaction is properly secured. 

How do I register?
It’s easy, click here to create your Verified by Visa password and Security phrase. If you don’t have a computer, you can come into Alternatives and register via our lobby kiosk for free. 

What if I don’t use my Alternatives VISA Debit Card for online purchases?
We still recommend that you still register. It’s an extra layer of security that strengthens your card against fraud overall. Just because you don’t shop online with your card doesn’t mean criminals won’t if they somehow get your card number. Like making sure the backdoor to your house is locked even if you always go in and out of your home through the front door, it is important to secure your card’s online authorization ability. Even if you do not shop online yourself, that won’t stop a criminal from trying, just like someone trying to break in will see if you left the backdoor to your house unlocked!

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