125 North Fulton St. Ithaca, NY 14850
Phone: (607) 273-4611
Toll Free: (877) 273-AFCU      Contact

Contacting Staff

You may reach the first available staff in a Department by dialing (607) 273-4611, followed by the extension listed below:



730 Change PIN number (Debit Card)
728 Business CENTS
723 Business Loans, Services
725 Collections  (direct line: 607-216-3497)
721 Personal Loans
729 Individual Development Accounts (IDAs)
726 Member Service Department (Tellers, New Accounts)
722 Home Loans
724 VISA Debit Card


Each staff member is accessible via phone or email. To reach the staff by phone, dial each person's direct line, listed below.  


Amy Chapman Mortgage Department Assistant 216-3444
Anna Detar Mortgage Loan Officer 216-3431
Asif Chaudhry VISA Specialist 216-3447
Becki Hawley Financial Counselor/ Assistant IDA Coordinator
Becky Bordonaro Member Service Representative 216-3462
Bob Anderson Jr. Business Loan Officer 216-3446
Branka Gligoric Member Service Representative 216-3411
Brendan Wilbur IDA/Financial Counseling Program Director
Brian Kunk-Czaplicki Mortgage Loan Officer
Brian Zapf Community Tax Program Director 216-3459
Carol Chernikoff Chief Lending Officer 216-3412
Carrie Cohen Member Service Specialist 216-3410
Eric Levine General Counsel 216-3421
Jennifer Cunningham-Ryan Business CENTS Program Assistant 216-3476
Joe Catlin Data Processor 216-3472
Joe Cummins Community Development Educator 216-3429
Jonathan Smith Member Service Representative 216-3463
Junito Cubero Computer Support Specialist 216-3439
Karl Graham Director of Community Relations & Development 216-3422
Kat Hauger Senior Accountant
Kim Hazelton Chief Operations Officer 216-3450
Kim Ritter Member Service Specialist 216-3465
Keith Martin Controller/CFO 216-3453
Larry Honigbaum Network & Systems Manager 216-3406
Leslie Ackerman Director, Business CENTS 216-3423
Lydia Wickham Human Resources Director 216-3470
Lynn Lauper Member Service Specialist/Training Coordinator 216-3407
Mary Ziegler Director of Project Management
Mary Beth Bunge Development Director 216-3416
Melissa Pollack Director of Compliance & Internal Auditing
Micah Martorell Business Lending Assistant
Philip Shay Member Service Collections Representative 216-3435
Rachel Minklei Assistant Branch Manager 216-3424
Rebekah Scott Member Service Representative
Reiley Schoen Branch Manager 216-3414
Renee Kern Member Service Representative 216-3469
Rubi Noe Member Service Officer
Sullymar Pena Vazquez Member Service Specialist 216-3448
Tierra Labrada Collections Representative 216-3457
Tolkyn Aidarova-Vuong Senior Member Service Officer 216-3413
Trisha Jones Member Service Specialist 216-3441
Tristram Coffin Chief Executive Officer 216-3417
Velvet Nguyen-Tran Member Service Representative 216-3449

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Rima Shamieh

My IDA [Individual Development Account] experience was just incredible. I saved a few bucks every week and after a year, I had a savings account with $3,000 in it! And I'm glad that the MoneyWise class was required, because it really helped me develop a healthier relationship with money. So many of the skills I learned in class seemed so obvious, but I never thought/knew how to do them until we went over them in class. For example, tracking my spending made a HUGE difference in how I now spend money. Also, the exercises in the beginning when we explored our relationships with money - I discovered I'm a carefree, spirited, impulsive spender. It helps to put a name on things.

After accruing thousands of dollars in debt from student loans from when I was an undergraduate, I was determined to do all I could to stay out of debt for when I continued my education. The IDA really helped. I feel so much better prepared to build equity and save for my future. Thanks, Alternatives!

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