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Living Wage 2005 Chart

Alternatives Federal Credit Union Livable Wage Study

Category Year(2004) Month (2004) Month (2002) Comments Source
Rent $7,224.00 $602.00 $527.00 Fair market rent for single bedroom apartment, including utilities. HUD
Transportation $1,839.40 $153.28 $166.54 Weighted average of amount spent on cars, public buses and bicycle. TCAT, Census, CES
Food $2,014.80 $167.90 $161.65 Average of low-cost plan Food Stamp cost for males and females 20-50. USDA
Telephone $441.84 $36.82 $26.50 Cost of local plan and 30 minutes long-distance per month. Verizon, Total Call
Health Care $1,215.12 $101.26 $91.61 Employee’s share premium Aetna Health Care plan plus additional out-of-pocket medical expenses. Consumer Expenditure Survey
Recreation $1,271.04 $105.92 $114.75 Reading materials, TV, radio, sound equipment. Claritas
Savings $630.00 $52.50 $50.00 Adjusted for inflation Alternatives
Miscellaneous $1,309.56 $109.13 $115.21 Clothing, personal care, housekeeping, small appliances, etc. Claritas
Net (Subtotal) $15,945.76 $1,328.81 $1,253.26    
Payroll $1,446.68 $120.56 $115.14    
Federal $1,286.12 $107.18 $104.45    
State $423.49 $35.29 $32.21    
TOTAL $19,102.05 $1,591.84 $1,505.06 (5.77% increase)
hrs/wk; $9.67@38*
Day Care 562.50   infant/toddler NACCRRA
    395.83   preschool NACCRRA
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