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Living Wage Study - 2000

Category Month Year Comments
Rent $504.00 $6,048.00 HUD fair market rent - Does not include telephone
Transportation $151.23 $1,814.75 Weighted average of amount spent on private cars, public transportation and using a bicycle - from Claritas and WOW estimates
Food $152.30 $1,827.60 Average of low-cost plan Food Stamp cost for males and females ages 20-50
Telephone $25.97 $311.64 From Verizon
Health Care $82.72 $992.60 Univera health care plan used at the Credit Union. This includes employee co-pay plus additional costs like prescription and non-prescription drugs - from Alternatives Credit Union and Claritas
Recreation $107.23 $1,286.76 Includes several categories of items, such as money for trips, fees/admissions, and reading materials - from Claritas
Savings $50.00 $600.00 From 1998 study
Misc $113.71 $1,364.52 Includes items such as clothing, personal care items, housekeeping and garden equipment - from Claritas
Payroll $111.82 $1,341.84 Fica - 7.65%
Federal $129.26 $1,551.06 Income minus 7,200 times 15%
State $33.47 $401.62 Income minus 7500 times 4%
TOTAL Living Wage $1,461.70 $17,540.39 $8.43/hr@40 hr/week; $9.30/hr@36.25 hr/week; $9.05/hr@ 37.25hr/week; $9.64/hr@35 hr/week

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