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Business Convenience Boxes

Business Convenience Boxes

• Drop off business deposit bags at your convenience.
We'll provide zip nylon bags. The first one is free, additional bags only $4.00 each.
Drop off your deposit bag in our Night Depository in the Drive-Thru area anytime.

• Place coin and currency orders in advance.
Need coin rolls? Singles? No problem. Simply call the Member Service Department and place your order, or fill out a Coin and Currency Order Form and drop it off with your deposit. We'll fill your order and put it in your Business Convenience Box.

• No waiting in line.
We'll assign you a Business Convenience Box and key. Pick up your receipts or change order from your Box anytime the Credit Union lobby is open.

Convenience Boxes will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you no longer need the box, let us know. We will reassign box if it is inactive for three months.

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Laurie and Zoe Hill

Our family's strongest connection to Alternatives started at the Student Credit Union branch at Fall Creek Elementary School. Zoe started as a Saver and I as a Teller five years ago. Zoe is a regular depositor. I started putting money into my savings account on a more regular basis when we realized that it would be a good place to have a vacation account - one we didn't have a debit card or checkbook for. We saved enough for a trip to Zurich to visit friends on sabbatical and then the fast train to Paris.


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